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What’s happening

What's happening?

Conferences, workshops, charity initiatives and more...

I find it hugely rewarding to organise, lead or take part in various events. From advising at my daughters’ school careers fair to leading discussions at London conferences, I’ve enjoyed passing on my knowledge or joining impassioned debates.

This page will bring you news of upcoming conferences, workshops, training sessions, charity initiatives and other events worth noting.


I first received support and advice from Linda on an informal basis through a journalists’ forum. Her wise words and extensive knowledge helped me to up my game and become a better journalist, so I was keen to attend her offline workshop in commercial writing. Packed with practical advice and tips, the workshop was not just useful in terms of commercial copywriting (and how to create new business in this field) it was also fantastic to receive training during an early stage of my own career as a teacher and trainer. I still reflect on Linda’s sound advice and would recommend her training, PR, content and blogging services wholeheartedly.

Johanna Payton